New Country, New Me: Foreigners Discuss How They’ve Changed in China

Editors Note: Foreigners have various reasons for coming to stay in China. However many may not expect the move to change them so much. In the following article some foreigners discuss how they have changed since coming to live in the Middle Kingdom.

Making China one’s permanent residence is by no means an easy task for foreigners who have wanted to do so. In the United States of America one million green cards are issued per year; in China the annual average is 248. Over time, China has come to be known as one of the hardest countries in the world to get a green card.

  Photo: QQ News

However, in recent years, the difficulty of obtaining “one of the hardest green cards to get in the world” has decreased. The Ministry of Public Security granted permanent residence to 1576 foreigners in 2016, 163 percent more than the year before.

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