Language Learning Tips for Chinese Newbies

The Yew Chung International School of Beijing’s Secondary School Chinese Curriculum Coordinator Jessica Sun Shares How to be an Effective Chinese Language Learner

For non-native speakers, learning Chinese can be a tall order even if you live in China. Big cities like Shanghai and Beijing are full of English language resources for newly-arrived expats and there is no shortage of Chinese with a decent English language base keen to practice their English with a native speaker. This makes it easy for non-Chinese speakers to avoid the daunting task of learning the local language.

However, learning the local language can be a very rewarding experience, both practically (new friends, ease of life, a greater access to delicious cuisine) and developmentally (an expanded worldview, a greater appreciation of new cultures). If you’ve just moved to China or are looking to jump-start your language learning, YCIS Beijing Seco...

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