Beijing Venture Firm COO Fired for Groping Woman on Plane

Editor’s Note: Li Yuanrong was recently fired from his post as COO at Beijing venture capital firm Xinghe Chuangfu after he confessed to groping a sleeping woman on a flight in early January. The woman, who had woken up during the incident, publicly accused him in a post on Weibo.

Xinghe Chuangfu venture capital firm COO Li Yuanrong resigned from the company after he was charged with sexual harassment on a flight from Shenzhen to Beijing. On January 4, a female Netizen posted that Li Yuanrong had groped her chest on a Hainan Airlines flight. Li Yuanrong denied the charge, but later admitted that the allegation was true. The COO resigned from his position at Xinghe Chuangfu and was sentenced to five days in administrative detention.  


She Said, He Said

The female Netizen published a long Weibo post describing the incident on January 2. She said she had taken flight HU7702 from Shenzhen to Beijing with her sis...

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